This workshop is nothing new! It is strategically combining the wisdom of several influential sources of literature as well as all of my own teachers and lived experiences. The basic chapters of the workshop have been unpacked from the book “Expressive Movement” and its companion “Generous Movement” written by Alexandra and Roger Pierce. The system of movement known to the world as Strala, founded by Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor is also of huge influence and we will reference their recently published training manual about the topic of moving with ease and through much of our yoga sequencing. “Be Here Now” and other lectures and articles by Ram Dass will also provide ideological support throughout our workshop and a great wealth of material for continued growth and integration. We will be reading directly from all of these texts as well as other articles throughout the sessions. I cannot credit my many teachers enough and I find new ones throughout each day. The title of the workshop is directly derived from “I Sing the Body Electric” , a favorite poem of mine by Walt Whitman and a most beautiful celebration of the body and soul inseperable.