LIFTED BY GRAVITY is a session about BALANCE. By understanding how our body weight aids and participates in support, we begin to find a fuller, freer, and more natural state of being. By making friends with gravity, we move less clumsily and have more confidence and capability. We will be focusing on our connection to the earth from different orientations, exploring how our bodies interact with gravity to not only support us, but to actually lift us and give us a feeling of being lighter and more relaxed. We’ll playfully explore balance and inversions, but don’t be scared, I promise that there’s truly something for everyone to get the benefits of going “upside down”...we’ll have options ranging from simply lying down and extending the legs up while laying on a pillow, to tips on how to get comfortable hanging out in a handstand.  

sign up for “Lifted by Gravity”, Saturday July 1st (11am-12:30pm)