IDEALS & PERCEPTION is about starting where you are, right here, right now. “One day” instantly changes to “day one” because you are already enough! We can accomplish a lot more when we don’t wait for things to be perfect (because they never really are, even when they might look like it on instagram). This is where we focus on physical movement (asana) as a way to become more in touch with ourselves, from the inside out. We will start to recognize the shift from self-consciousness to self-awareness and begin to feel more perceptive and fluid in our surroundings. Completely diminishing our inner judgmental voice won’t happen in a single workshop unfortunately, but we’ll learn how to move our focus to our inner experience of making space in the body and becoming more generous and kind with ourselves as a way of being. We’ll also differentiate between mechanical and emotional feelings in the body and how they relate.  

sign up for “Ideals & Perception”, Wednesday July 5th (6-7:30pm)