TOUCH is bringing attention to how touch improves our actions. Through touch, we realize that to give and receive are one can touch without also being touched. This session will not only focus on tactile touch but also how we act and feel when we are out in the world.  As our final session, it is important to have the work you’ve done throughout the series feel supported and integrated into your “normal” life. We will openly discuss the “dark night of the soul”, a time when new awakening and awareness can bring feelings of loneliness or sadness. Sometimes the “undoing” of our less healthy habits breaks down barriers that we created to avoid pain, and forces us to work through things we might have avoided...which may not  instantly reflect in feelings of happiness. However, this is our “winter enduring foliage”. This is what will last us through many cold winters and warm springs of awakenings....weaving bonds of love with the world and searching into our own depths.  
sign up for “Touch”, Saturday July 22nd (11am-12:30pm)